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Arlo is on a mission to eliminate bugs in the software industry. He has spent the past decade deeply understanding the causes of bugs so that they can be prevented. Having worked as a consultant or full-time employee at several companies, three directly contributed to processes he created to prevent bugs. As CTO of Silver Platter, Arlo used Extreme Programming to scientifically and iteratively improve the way a team works. Building off Microsoft’s highly disciplined culture, he then created Code by Refactoring™ as a more effective way to do refactoring at scale, eliminating code that is hard to read or risky to modify. Many of these technical practices are now provided and certified as a Validated Software Mender. Later with Tableau’s data-oriented culture, he developed a way to use bug data to guide investments incrementally, called Safeguarding™. Additionally, he found a more effective framework to lead technical transformations, called Growing Responsible Ownership™ (GROw™). Combined, these methods provide a comprehensive way to prevent bugs, now offered through Deep Roots in ways that are iteratively consumable for teams to integrate into their everyday work.

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Mastering legacy code! #NoRewrites


Arlo Belshee, founder of Dig Deep Roots, loves legacy code! Across his 20+ years of experience, he has structured many processes to make refactoring safe and even fun. Bootcampers to experts can now easily master legacy code. #NoReWrite